Cheryl Malik | Content Marketing + Freelance Coach

About me.

Cheryl Malik is a food blog designer and food photographer who lives in Memphis with her husband, toddler, and rescue puppy. She loves wine, cooking overcomplicated dinners, and creating beauty. With more than 7 years experience in WordPress design, 15 years experience blogging, and a background in digital marketing, she is both skilled at and enthusiastic about building equally beautiful and functional WordPress-based websites for clients. Cheryl’s food blog 40 Aprons has spotlighted her as a food photographer, and she’s worked with several big-name brands to showcase their food and beverage products. Her ultimate passion is food and making food both sound and look delicious. Looking for a food blog designer or food blog design? You’ll really like her, promise.

Why WordPress?

Business changes, often daily, and websites need to reflect that. WordPress offers a perfect solution by being endlessly customizable, robust in delivery, and braggingly simple for the everyday person to update. This means there are no disks to purchase, no software to download, nothing. You can update your business’ “About Me” page from your smartphone whilst lying out at the beach; you can change the price of a product from your tablet in the bathtub (just… be careful).

WordPress is also tremendously popular, which means three things:

  • tens of thousands of plugins that can do anything from quote “Hello, Dolly” lyrics at you on the dashboard to offer a fully functional wedding registry using your own products to create a full-package membership portal
  • tens of thousands of fully customizable design themes off of which to base a site, cutting down immensely on hours (and time is money) spent in development
  • to-the-minute security updates and never-ending feature updates

I think you’ll love WordPress just as much as I always have and will be surprised at how exceptionally versatile the platform is!

You in?

Sound good? Want to work together? Cool! Shoot me an email, and we’re on our way to being new best friends starting Little Lion’s newest project.